Success Stories

"I wanted a solution to my situation—a step by step process to do. I felt clueless about what to do since I tried some ways, even consultation with doctors. I’m sure my baby would be underweight by now. The method looks so simple and easy to do. I feel so relieved and grateful! Thank you!"
Mrs. Hartanto
Successful Mama
"I wanna say thank you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and guidance through this emotional time! I honestly couldn’t see us succeed, and it was always going to be a battle, but your words of wisdom and non-judgment helped me believe that it was going to happen. I just needed to be patient. Your daughter and husband are extremely lucky to have you!"
Thuy T
Happy Mama
“I was looking for a way to help my daughter eat and enjoy bottle feeding. I was also looking for a way to build a trusting relationship and lessen my anxiety about her eating. I had a belief that she had to eat a certain amount in a certain time frame otherwise something was wrong. If I stayed where I was what my daughter would probably be on a feeding tube or worse. Full disclosure, I used a combination of Szilvia’s method, the method described in “Your Baby’s Bottle Feeding Aversion Reasons and Solutions”, and a lot of praying to get us through. My daughter and I are finally in a good place when it comes to eating - she actively calls for the bottle again and reaches out to grab it. The best thing about Szilvia’s method is that it helps you build a trusting, happy bond with your baby that goes beyond feeding. It doesn’t mean my daughter finishes her bottles every single time - some days she eats more, some days less, sometimes every 3.5 hours, occasionally not until 5 hours and I’m learning that that’s okay and to trust my baby. I’m so thankful that my baby girl is eating happily again and we have a deeper bond. I trust her to eat when and how much she wants and she trusts me to respond to her hunger and fullness cues.”
Happy Mama
“I wanted help with feeding my 3-month-old son Oliver. Before finding you, I haven't had any health professionals' support, and it seemed like they didn't understand or didn't want to bother. I was too obsessed with how much he eats, and I thought I've got to follow guidelines as advised by health professionals. Luckily, I found you & could stop things from escalating. Your book was a huge eye-opener to me. I would not even think that this is something that my baby could go through. Having a conversation with you and sharing all the things that gave me anxiety was a huge relief. I stopped obsessing about how much baby eats & the most important thing you've taught me is to trust my baby. I feel calm, happy, stress-free, and we're all finally enjoying feeding times. You opened my eyes hugely, and I'll be forever grateful.”
Maša Tišlar
Successful Mama
‘'Our story started when Sandy was a few months old. We looked in books and on labels and wanted to give her the proper amount of milk. She was vomiting and having many spit-ups. We went to many pediatricians who told us that Sandy had reflux, lactose intolerance, and even an allergy to milk proteins. It all got worse since she turned 4 months. Sandy began to realize what was happening to her ( the force-feeding). She was crying a lot even when we tried to put her in the feeding position. We struggled to feed her for 2 weeks and managed to do it only in her sleep or after an hour of trying to distract her. Clare was the one who realized that our baby had bottle aversion and first found the book of Rowena Bennett. After we realized what we had done, we were devastated, especially because we are both physicians. The first day we tried Rowena’s method, we ended up in the ER because Sandy didn’t eat for 14 hours, and we were very worried about dehydration. After that, we stayed a few days in the hospital. We changed our feeding method, and she somehow accepted the bottle but was not very happy about it and had times when she refused and cried. Also, she ate less. I found Szilvia’s toolbox on the internet and tried her approach. It was a little better from the first day. Sandy started to eat better but still was having times when she cried or refused, but overall was improving. Until one day, when she refused to eat for about 8 hours. That day I was again very desperate and wrote Szilvia an e-mail. I didn’t have any hope for a quick response or a response at all. Szilvia responded in less than a day (also considering the time difference between our two continents 🙂 ). From the beginning of our relationship, she was very kind and supportive. She is the kind of person you realize just after a few words that she has a lot of kindness in her heart, and she is genuinely good and has the best intentions as her priority. We sent her a few videos of Sandy’s eating, and Szilvia opened our eyes again that we were still pressuring our baby with the feeding. She gave us a lot of very good advice through different e-mails, which she responded to very quickly ( A MILLION THANKS AGAIN) - and things started to get better and better. But since we were very stressed and didn’t know if we were doing the perfect thing, we asked Szilvia for coaching sessions. From the first one, we found the nice and warm person from the emails in front of us on the screen - She also managed the time to meet with us very quickly. She is also very skilled in counseling and has the skills of a therapist. 🙂 She again gave us much good advice - and Sandy, after a few days, started to smile when seeing the bottle; it was when we felt that the rock was lifted from our minds and souls. She was improving and eating well, but because we wanted to make sure that the aversion wouldn’t come back, we made another few videos so Szilvia can see Sandy’s reactions and try to help us know better what our baby wanted to tell us. Again we had another good coaching session, and we learned together our little one expressions and ways of telling us what she wanted. From then on, we had almost no stress. The skills that we learned were also very helpful when we started with the solids, and I think it will be useful for the rest of our parenting life. We thank Szilvia from our heart; she is a very kind soul and a very, very precious person. ‘'
Bob And Clare
Happy Parents
“My little one was stubborn as anything due to both medical and pressured bottle aversion ( severe reflux and 6 weeks of thrush left him barely eating unless we forced him to.) We began this program. My anxiety was through the roof. Our baby was so stubborn we did end up going to the ER ( I’m very sure this is a one-off as what we thought was lack of food leading to dehydration was accompanied by incredible clinginess etc. We have now discovered that it was in fact a virus coupled with us stopping force-feeding that led to the beginning of dehydration so bad timing!!) However, I cannot praise this program enough. Stick to it religiously. Never feed your baby when they don't want to unless it’s urgent. Make sure they’re happy. Feed them out of your arms. I cannot even explain to you the turnaround we've had in under 2 weeks. All my stress has just gone. I used to literally sit in a dark room for my boy’s naps, poised with a bottle for when he twitched in hunger. As it would be the only time I would ever get the chance to feed him. I was petrified when we got to weaning. He'd reject solids too as he hated us putting anything towards his mouth. Things had got so bad. Now it’s all smiling, happy feeding, no stress and the day doesn't revolve around making sure he’s eaten because I know he has. And that he will allow me to feed him when he's hungry as we are rebuilding the trust. Stick it out, this is honestly the best thing I've done. I can't even begin to express my gratitude.”
Kathy Sharpe
Happy Mama
“I had been experiencing a difficult time with my 4.5-month-old son who had developed a feeding aversion. The stress of the situation caused a lot of anxiety for me, and I knew that in order to improve the situation, I needed to decrease my anxiety. I am so happy that I booked a session with Szilvia because she worked magic and my anxiety dramatically decreased from one session alone! During the hour, she led me through several exercises using different techniques and strategies that really worked! After the session, I was already feeling calmer, but what convinced me that it truly worked was the next day, when I was hearing things in my head that we had talked about in the session like I was actually unconsciously saying them and I was so relaxed! I cannot thank Szilvia enough for helping me emotionally get through the difficult time with my son!!” -Beth
Successful Mama
“At the age of 4months, my daughter had suddenly stopped drinking milk awake. I had thought she was teething but had also experienced the same issue with my first child when he was around 5 months and had dream-fed all his milk till he was 12 months. I was adamant that I did not want to go through the same stress again (i.e. timing all feeds when he was due a nap and not letting him fall asleep between feeds), so I trawled the internet for a remedy, as I was at my wit’s end. I was extremely fortunate to come across Szvlia’s page on Facebook about bottle feed aversion and her guide to remedying the issue. I followed this guide step by step and while Day 1 was the most challenging, my daughter only drank a little over 10oz over the day and I was worried she would get dehydrated. However, Szilvia was on hand to provide me with some guidance. By day 2, I had started to see some positive changes, with my daughter taking all her feeds awake and the volume increasing day by day. We are now on Day 22 and can happily say that with the guidance of Szilvia my daughter’s bottle aversion has now been remedied. I have no words to describe how grateful I am for her help, as I was seriously at the end of my tether. Szilvia has helped to make feeding stress-free and make motherhood enjoyable again! Her guide has taught me to trust my baby and has been an absolute godsend. I seriously cannot thank her enough!” Kat
Happy Mama