Szilvia Lanzas – How I Solved My Baby’s Bottle Aversion


A step by step guide to solve your baby’s bottle aversion.


I’m a mom of one. I have no scientific background, and my reason for writing this little book is to help others who struggle with their babies’ bottle aversion. My daughter was exclusively bottle-fed, so I don’t know if this would apply for breastfed babies as well or not. I’m not claiming that this is the best practice or the only solution that works. We had great success with it, and I believe that it would work for others too. My daughter had no underlying conditions, no reflux, or other issues. Bottle aversion was her only problem.

I recommend reading this book when you know that your baby has a bottle aversion, and you checked with your pediatrician that s/he has no other conditions. This book is not meant to diagnose or to give medical advice. Everything in this book is my experience, and I’m sharing it with you. When I searched for a solution, I would have tried anything to end our struggle. This is a short and straightforward method to try out. The worst thing that can happen is that nothing changes, and you and your child will feel great and develop a deeper bond as side effects.