About Me

Hi, I Am Szilvia Lanzas

I’ve been a life coach and strategic interventionist since 2010. I’m obsessed with how our minds work and with ways of creating change.  I’ve been practicing self-development since 2006.  My greatest spiritual journey began when our daughter was born. Nothing compares to the challenges of motherhood.  

When my daughter was 2 months old, she developed a bottle aversion. I had to create a method to help her overcome the aversion, and this experience taught me the most important lesson as a mama. Pay attention to my baby moment by moment to support her the way she needs it. 

I realized that many parents struggle with their babies’ bottle aversion, so I created a step by step system to help other moms (and dads) to get over their anxiety and help their babies’ overcome bottle aversion. 

How Can I Help You?

I can help you move from struggling with bottle aversion to a joyful and intimate feeding experience.